Articles written by: Aarsh Chauhan

Aarsh Chauhan is a journalism student at Hunter College and is also minoring in international relations. He aims to specialize in coverage of foreign affairs.

Laila Gad (first from right) is the first Egyptian-American from Hunter College to win Pulitzer Fellowship. [Photo by Professor Sissel McCarthy]

Hunter’s Seventh Pulitzer Fellow Wants To Reclaim Journalism

The stage was all set for the evening of April 18 at Roosevelt House before a student, seated in the front row beside designated guest speakers receives a special mention by the event organizer. As attendees clap to the announcement, Laila Gad,  astonished, looks around her, throwing a smile at […]

In what can be considered as one of the largest on-campus collaborations, five Asian groups came together to take a wider Hunter community on a journey to explore regional cultures through food, performances, and games.
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Asian Leaders Of Hunter Unite To Celebrate Cultural Heritage

As students entered the Game Room of Thomas Hunter Hall, their senses became imminently occupied by a cluster of sounds, aromas, and sights. A Spotify playlist set for the evening switched between Bollywood, Uzbek, and K-Pop music. Food counters set at a corner served delicacies ranging from biryani to Banh […]

Students and faculty members displayed a show of unity while marching across Brooklyn Bridge on March 19th to speak against tuition hikes and lack of funding to CUNY institutions.
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Tuition Hikes Suffocating Hopes of Freshmen at Hunter

Nico Curtis came to Hunter College last semester to pursue a degree in environmental studies. For the Brooklyn resident, affordability topped the list of factors of consideration for college selection. But this perception could change next semester when tuition hikes for City University of New York and State University of […]

Caption: Andrew Robinson (left) and his partner Dominic Smith (right) shared their experience of documenting carnivorous purple sea urchins (shown on screen) by diving deep into waters of Monterey Bay. According to their story, rising population of sea urchins has significantly diminished kelp forests. [Photo by Professor Sissel McCarthy]

Hunter Journalism Invites Emmy Award-Winning Journalists To Discuss Their Climate Change Project

The Journalism Department of Hunter College hosted documentary filmmakers Dominic Smith and Andrew Robinson on April 18 at Roosevelt House to discuss their project “The Vanishing, Invisible Forest.” The short-form video project jointly produced by Smith and Robinson follows Josh Smith – a marine ecologist studying kelp forest ecology for […]

Leading the Way: Hunter Clubs and Organizations Inspiring Change On Campus And Beyond
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Leading the Way: Hunter Clubs and Organizations Inspiring Change On Campus And Beyond

On a chilly cloudy afternoon of Jan. 31, a small crowd gathered outside Kaye Playhouse of Hunter College. Students are holding placards to voice against systemic racism in wake of Tyre Nichols’ death. Chants of “Remember Tyre Nichols, smash racist terror” reverberate through East 68th Street and Lexington Avenue. For […]