Hunter College Welcomes Two-Time Academy Award Nominee Rick Goldsmith
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Hunter College Welcomes Two-Time Academy Award Nominee Rick Goldsmith

Most of the seats at Hunter College’s Lang Hall were full last Tuesday afternoon for a screening of two-time Academy Award nominee Rick Goldsmith’s latest film, “Stripped for Parts: American Journalism on the Brink,” which takes a close look at a hedge fund that is plundering newspapers nationwide and the […]

Courtesy of @kappasigmahunter: Kappa Sigma members joined the Ukrainian Club in hosting a fundraiser in November to raise $1,186 for Ukraine.
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Greek Life at Hunter College

At a populous commuter school like Hunter College, it is hard for students to find a sense of community. Written in a recent Athenian article by Tamara Bailey, Lumen Learning states that having friends in college helps to develop better study habits and social skills as well as reducing stress.  […]

Hunter College’s Brookdale Campus is the most affordable CUNY housing unit for students.  Back Brookdale founder Sarah D’Alessandro says, “It's a fluke that this dorm exists and is as cheap as it is. And I can't envision CUNY, replicating or engineering, a dorm like the residence hall.”
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Brookdale Fights Back: Student Advocacy Group Protests Against Dorm’s Destruction

Hunter College’s Brookdale Residence Hall is in danger of being torn down, and Hunter students have decided to fight against its destruction. In October 2022, Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul decided to tear down the dorms in order to create a Science Park and Research Campus (SPARC). The […]

Hunter College Fosters The Next Generation of Talented Journalists
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Hunter College Fosters The Next Generation of Talented Journalists

Michael Tamsuriyamit, a senior at Hunter College, grew up an avid news consumer with a strong interest in broadcast journalism. From as early as middle school, he was fascinated by the camera and being able to tell stories that matter to peoplewatching at home. Over time he developed an admiration […]

The set of “The Late Night Show” with Stephen Colbert. CUNY students have free access 
	to this show alongside other talk shows tapings like, “The View” and more. Just use the code 
CUNY when checking out on 1iota.
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Did You Say “Free”? Here’s What the CUNY ID Can Give You

  To a young college student, there is no word more appealing than “free.” What many City University of New York students don’t know is that there are many free offers they are missing out on with the help of something they carry on them each day. When students are […]