Courtesy of @kappasigmahunter: Kappa Sigma members joined the Ukrainian Club in hosting a fundraiser in November to raise $1,186 for Ukraine.
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Greek Life at Hunter College

At a populous commuter school like Hunter College, it is hard for students to find a sense of community. Written in a recent Athenian article by Tamara Bailey, Lumen Learning states that having friends in college helps to develop better study habits and social skills as well as reducing stress.  […]

Poses Park, East 68th Street between Lexington and Third Avenue
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The Newest Spots for Students at Hunter

Have you ever found yourself at Hunter looking for a quiet place to study, or a spot to eat lunch and talk with friends in between classes? Hunter is notorious for being packed and it’s common to see students standing around waiting for an available seat — especially during welcome […]

In what can be considered as one of the largest on-campus collaborations, five Asian groups came together to take a wider Hunter community on a journey to explore regional cultures through food, performances, and games.
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Asian Leaders Of Hunter Unite To Celebrate Cultural Heritage

As students entered the Game Room of Thomas Hunter Hall, their senses became imminently occupied by a cluster of sounds, aromas, and sights. A Spotify playlist set for the evening switched between Bollywood, Uzbek, and K-Pop music. Food counters set at a corner served delicacies ranging from biryani to Banh […]

Korean Student Association Hosts “Night Market at Hunter” Event
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Korean Student Association Hosts “Night Market at Hunter” Event

The Korean Student Association (KSA) is a student-led organization at Hunter that strives to foster and celebrate Korean culture on campus. On Friday night, KSA hosted a “Night Market at Hunter” event that showcased Korean food, music, and games.  KSA events are a way for students to learn about Korean […]

Hunter College's Office of Career Development Services offers routine Career Resource Workshops for students to gain valuable resources about the job application process.

The Impact of Layoffs on Upcoming College Graduates

Soon-to-be Hunter graduates are worried. Rising New York City rental prices, student loan debt, a looming recession, and to top it off — layoffs and an uncertain job market. The class of 2023 has endured a lot during the past three years. A pandemic, missed high school senior activities, and […]