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Hunter College MFA Alum Wins Documentary Film Award

Hunter College MFA Alum Wins Documentary Film Award

Deep in the vast mountain range of China’s Loess Plateau, Yehui Zhao found herself aboard a small tractor, hitchhiking toward what she hoped would be the remains of her great-grandfather’s now empty village.  It was 2022, and Zhao, a filmmaker, was navigating with information garnered only from word of mouth; […]

Shakespeare & Co, Hunter's official brick and mortar bookstore.
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The Rise of Digital Learning, Shadow Libraries and the Fall of Bookstores

As more students and professors opt for digital course materials over physical textbooks, students’ backpacks are lighter and their wallets are fuller. While professors continue their pandemic practices of providing students with online reading materials and coursework, bookstore Shakespeare & Co. may be feeling the burden of a lost revenue […]

In what can be considered as one of the largest on-campus collaborations, five Asian groups came together to take a wider Hunter community on a journey to explore regional cultures through food, performances, and games.
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Asian Leaders Of Hunter Unite To Celebrate Cultural Heritage

As students entered the Game Room of Thomas Hunter Hall, their senses became imminently occupied by a cluster of sounds, aromas, and sights. A Spotify playlist set for the evening switched between Bollywood, Uzbek, and K-Pop music. Food counters set at a corner served delicacies ranging from biryani to Banh […]

Caption: Andrew Robinson (left) and his partner Dominic Smith (right) shared their experience of documenting carnivorous purple sea urchins (shown on screen) by diving deep into waters of Monterey Bay. According to their story, rising population of sea urchins has significantly diminished kelp forests. [Photo by Professor Sissel McCarthy]

Hunter Journalism Invites Emmy Award-Winning Journalists To Discuss Their Climate Change Project

The Journalism Department of Hunter College hosted documentary filmmakers Dominic Smith and Andrew Robinson on April 18 at Roosevelt House to discuss their project “The Vanishing, Invisible Forest.” The short-form video project jointly produced by Smith and Robinson follows Josh Smith – a marine ecologist studying kelp forest ecology for […]

Graduation Date Still Hasn’t Been Announced
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Graduation Date Still Hasn’t Been Announced

As the end of the spring semester nears, students are left wondering when graduation will be and if they can even attend on such late notice.