Articles written by: Nefissa Kemech

Nefissa Kemech is a senior at Hunter College majoring in Media Studies with a concentration in journalism. Based in Westchester, NY she aspires to do audio reporting on entertainment and culture.

Courtesy of @kappasigmahunter: Kappa Sigma members joined the Ukrainian Club in hosting a fundraiser in November to raise $1,186 for Ukraine.
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Greek Life at Hunter College

At a populous commuter school like Hunter College, it is hard for students to find a sense of community. Written in a recent Athenian article by Tamara Bailey, Lumen Learning states that having friends in college helps to develop better study habits and social skills as well as reducing stress.  […]

The set of “The Late Night Show” with Stephen Colbert. CUNY students have free access 
	to this show alongside other talk shows tapings like, “The View” and more. Just use the code 
CUNY when checking out on 1iota.
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Did You Say “Free”? Here’s What the CUNY ID Can Give You

  To a young college student, there is no word more appealing than “free.” What many City University of New York students don’t know is that there are many free offers they are missing out on with the help of something they carry on them each day. When students are […]

All Candidates, No Students. A Hunter USG Event
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All Candidates, No Students. A Hunter USG Event

  Tons of chairs were set up for the event that took place on the 3rd floor of the West Building at Hunter College on Wednesday. The Undergraduate Student Government expected a large turnout for the “Meet the Candidates Forum/Debate” which featured candidates who were running for the 2023-2024 school […]

Sissel McCarthy, Hunter College’s head chair of the journalism department, has an office in North 525. Outside her office, you can find internship opportunities, job offerings and important information about the major.
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A New Journalism Class at Hunter College

Hunter College’s Film and Media Studies Department is offering a new social justice course this spring.  Hunter already offers a variety of social justice related courses like Human Rights and Social Justice, Race and Ethnic Relations, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Environmental Justice just to name a few. But now, […]