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In the year since CUNY lifted its mask mandate, some students feel comfortable not wearing masks, while others still use the face coverings. Even in crowded spaces like the escalators in the North Building, more and more students are not masking.
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One Year After CUNY Ends Mask Mandate, Students Remain Uncertain

One year after CUNY lifted its mask mandate, interviews with students show an ongoing debate about the importance of face coverings, even as the COVID-19 pandemic eases. “I feel like everyone should be able to do whatever they please,” said Arham, a Hunter student who declined to give his last […]

Photo by: AngryJulieMonday via Creative Commons
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Students Craft at Camp-Inspired Virtual Festival

This was a tradition that we had that we really didn’t want to lose,” said one organizer.

Students Defeat Pandemic Boredom through Body Art
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Students Defeat Pandemic Boredom through Body Art

Students share how they changed their appearances to shake up their quarantine routine.

Self-portrait by Maria Rivera
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Art Students Find Catharsis in Creativity

Painting, photography and sculpture provide an outlet for students to vent pandemic frustrations.

Sherry Poppins performs "Blue Velvet"
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Queer Club Throws Socially-Distanced Drag Show and Gender Inclusivity Panel

Bronx college hosts virtual drag show with post-show discussion on gender expression.