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The Canvas: Students can create in “blank space”

The Canvas: Students can create in “blank space”

The former college bookstore located on the ground floor of Hunter West has been taken over by The Canvas, a retail space and creative studio that promotes sustainable and environmentally-friendly fashion.

Demi Moore, a senior at Hunter College, places a hood around Kagan during the ceremony.

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan honored at Hunter College

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, a graduate of Hunter High School and Elementary School, came to Hunter College to share her story and advice for students as she was honored with an honorary degree of humane letters.

People sitting around a table.

Hunter College’s production of ‘Uncle Vanya’ Gets Top Reviews

The college’s infant Hunter Theater Project’s first production of “Uncle Vanya” has met with rave reviews.

Edrick Leong hosting his show, "Bops to the Future".
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Upgrade U: WHCS Radio gets technical to improve listener experience

Thanks to a rollover from last year’s budget, WHCS Radio will be able to make some technical upgrades that will allow it to broadcast through a mobile app and make other adjustments to improve listener experience for this fall and beyond.

A game of Bughouse with President Blake Burma

New neighbors: Dominoes Club joins chess in the lobby

The West lobby has recently welcomed a new group: the dominoes players, who occasionally blast bachata and vape JUULs alongside the kings, queens and pawns of the college’s chess club.