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Hunter Students Create a Room of Their Own

Hunter students sit anywhere they can find a seat: on the floor, next to waste bins, on the stairs and on window sills. They gather between library stacks in their spare time. 

When the cafeteria seats are taken and the library is full, students must carve out their own space to study, eat, and do their daily tasks. With university enrollment at an all-time high, that search is getting harder.

First-year student enrollment at The City University of New York increased by four percent. About 17,212 undergraduate students have been enrolled at Hunter College in 2018, according to Hunter’s office of institutional research. 

The photo essay below shows how creative Hunter students can it comes to carving out some personal space on campus.


"It’s hard to find places." “I feel the same way, I want a nice chair to relax on," said junior Monica Moscoso (right).focallength 62flash 31cameramake NIKON CORPORATIONheight 2725fnumber 5.3exposuretime 0.0166666675orientation 1camerasoftware Ver.1.01 originaldate 9/23/2019 5:46:01 AMwidth 4088cameramodel NIKON D7200Hunter North 3rd Floor. “It is convenient for me to sit on the floor because I’m close to my class," said Yohendy Figueroa, freshman at Hunter College.focallength 18flash 31cameramake NIKON CORPORATIONheight 1759fnumber 3.5exposuretime 0.0166666675orientation 1camerasoftware Ver.1.01 originaldate 9/19/2019 12:08:56 AMwidth 2496cameramodel NIKON D7200Hunter West 4th Floorfocallength 28flash 16cameramake NIKON CORPORATIONheight 2584fnumber 4exposuretime 0.2orientation 1camerasoftware Ver.1.01 originaldate 9/19/2019 12:29:31 AMwidth 3838cameramodel NIKON D7200

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