Articles written by: Michael Waxman

Michael Waxman is a senior at Hunter College, seeking a B.A. in political science and media studies. He just turned 21 years old this past July and is native to a small subsection of Coney Island called Sea Gate. While reporting for The Athenian, Michael is also interning at CUNY TV as well as hosting a radio program called “In My Bag” at WHCS Radio, Hunter College’s independent radio station. He is passionate about social commentary and is seeking a career where he can contribute to discourse as well as create content that can help guide others through societal and emotional confusion. In his spare time, Michael consumes hip-hop music and culture, goes to art-related events with his friends, and goes on the hunt for the best Trinidadian doubles and dairy-free chocolate desserts.

Hunter students jamming in preparation for an in-class recital.

Jammin’: Music students mix, mingle in impromptu improvs

To combat the challenges of socializing in Hunter’s commuter-school environment, music students are getting together and jamming whenever they can.

Edrick Leong hosting his show,
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Upgrade U: WHCS Radio gets technical to improve listener experience

Thanks to a rollover from last year’s budget, WHCS Radio will be able to make some technical upgrades that will allow it to broadcast through a mobile app and make other adjustments to improve listener experience for this fall and beyond.