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Why Ashley Ferreira Decided To Chronicle Her Daily Life As A Hunter Student

In a recent post on TikTok, Ashley Ferreira, a 22-year-old college student, showed a two minute clip of all the things she does at school. This included her getting to Hunter College on the train, heading to class, then to the Psychology Department and finally taking a break- all in a day of the life of a CUNY student.

Ferreira, a student since 2022, is a content creator that has been sharing details about her experience at Hunter College. 

As a college student who commutes to school from Westchester, New York, which often takes more than an hour on Metro North and subway, Ferreria said she struggled making friends. But she was also determined to succeed and wanted to provide a platform for others who felt the same.  

“My strength of perseverance and determination comes in! No matter how hard things may be and how bad I may struggle, I will also show up for myself,” said Ferreria. 

Ferreria is very compassionate. She started creating content because wanted to give people safe space to feel free to message her and take her content as inspiration. 

“Most of my content is based on my interests like reading, beauty, lifestyle, faith, mental health, and fashion,” said Ferreria. “This helps me share a little bit about myself and connect with other people who may relate to me or if I can bring a smile to brighten their day.” 

She said she has met many cool people at Hunter who have watched her videos and began following her, and thinks she is creating a positive impact through content creation. 

Ferreria said she struggled with mental health and social anxiety. She wants to share her experience and how she overcomes obstacles. Her social anxiety would stop her from trying to connect with people even if she loved meeting and getting to know new people.

As she stepped out of her shell, many new things started happening to her, including connecting with colleges and businesses that highlight college content creators like InfluenceHer, CampusTrendsetters, and College Fashionista.

Although making friends at a commuter college is hard, Ferreria said she found a creative way to make friends through social media. 

“I’ve received so many amazing messages of people saying how I helped inspire them to start content creation, go to college, get into beauty, start their faith journey, pick up reading, and so much more!” she said.

Ferreria’s focus is simple: “I’ve made it my mission to use my platform to bring peace and happiness to others!”

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