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Kalli Siringas is a writer and performer living and working in New York. In her spare time she daydreams and writes about food, diet culture, and bread advocacy. @goinbacktokalli

Before starting the class, my typical uniform of sweats and slippers, with (sometimes) freshly washed hair was my daily uniform. “Fashion as Design,” offered through CUNY Arts and MoMA made me rethink my new normal.

Can MoMA Make Me Care About Getting Dressed Again?

Could a MoMA MOOC bring you the stimulation you are looking for during lockdown?

The cast and director of “Mother Courage and Her Children,” in rehearsal, weeks before their cancelation notice.
Multimedia / Student Life

Following Broadway’s Lead, Hunter Closes Brecht Production

The show must go on: Unless there’s a pandemic. Hunter College’s production of “Mother Courage and Her Children” was canceled. The cast and crew share their experiences.