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Five Cheap Eats Near Hunter College


Are you hungry and don’t know where to eat around Hunter College on a budget? No one wants to walk all the way to First Avenue, where all the cheap options are. 

Here are some of your best options, according to hungry Hunter students:

Spot #1 Korean Express 

If you want something different from American fast food, why not try Korean? Korean Express, at 807 Lexington Ave., has a variety of food options and is affordable. 

A rice bowl with chicken teriyaki over rice for $13.95, but they have many other options, like starters that are from $5 to $10 dollars, Kimbop at $10, Pajeon, which runs between $15 to $19, Dbukoki from $14 to $17, and Bibimbap at $15. 

“It’s a good distance from school and there’s a good variety of foods,” said Irwin Mok, a junior majoring in Media Studies. “It is one of my favorites.” 

Mok said he would normally spend $11 to $14, and he varies between the different lunch specials. 

photo taken by Rosalie Almonte Santos

Spot #2 Terry and Yaki food truck

Terry and Yaki food truck is a halal Asian Kitchen. They are known for their various and different bowls of Asian cuisine that are affordable and they do have a selection of canned drinks and bottled water. This food truck is located on Lexington Avenue and 68th, a minute walk from the campus. 

“It’s close by, I like the food itself  and the customer service is also good,”said Lynara Richards, a junior majoring in general Media Studies. “I get the fried chicken with the rice and kale and it comes with shredded carrots.”

Other choices include, Yaki rice bowl, Terry salad bowl, Vegan tofu bowl, loaded sweet potato fries and Sirloin streak bowl.

Students usually spend between $12 to $15.

Spot #3 Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill, at 1153 3rd Ave., is a good place for a bowl or burrito if you want fast casual Mexican food without spending too much. Walk down east 68th and turn left on Third Avenue and between east 68th and 67th. 

Chipotle has different nutritional qualities,” said Moesha Gabriel, a junior majoring in Media Studies. “I get a burrito bowl with two tortillas to make two burritos. I usually have my own drink or drink water.“

She spends around $12 to $15 without buying a drink. 

Spot #4 The Pho Lexington

The Pho Lexington is a Vietnamese restaurant that is a six minute walk from Hunter College. They offer a variety of options from Pho Noodle Soup, Vermicelli Noodles, Banh Mi, and rice dishes. This is located at 788 Lexington Ave., between 61st and 62nd Streets. 

Pho Lexington actually has pretty reasonably priced food. It’s definitely probably my favorite in the area.” said Gabrielle Barrow, a junior in Media Studies. “I usually get the banh mi and the Thai iced tea which comes up to about $15.”

Expect to spend about $10 to $20 at Pho Lexington. 

Spot #5 Gong Cha 

Gong Cha is known to always be filled with Hunter students, who really love boba. However, they don’t only sell boba, as they also have food options, such as you can build0-your-own poke bowl and signature poke bowls, including one that is made with spicy ahi, sesame ginger chicken and spicy salmon etc.

Located across street from the Thomas Hunter building and close to the Shakespeare and Co. book store, students can expect to spend less than $20 for lunch at Gong Cha, at 925 Lexington Ave

“It’s affordable for a large portion, and it’s always chill,” said Vero Barraza,  a senior majoring in Media Studies and German Studies. 


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