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Cafecito Hours By The LMSA Club 

The Latino Medical Student Association Club created an event this year where they provide snacks and a space for students at Hunter College to meet new people, have some fun and even get some studying done. 

Cafecito Hours is an event that occurs bi-weekly so students, who do not have to be Latino or a medical student, can simply form a community at a commuter school. 

“Cafecito was beneficial to me socially, because I’m not that not bold of a person to come up to anyone else,” said Karen Paredes, a junior Biology major.

So far, about 15 diverse Hunter students have attended the March events, according to Amy Mouraid, the event coordinator.

There has been a lot of positive improvements seen in students, especially with their moods, after attending Cafecito because students are engaged and become more open to talking to new people, according to Amy Mourid, a sophomore Biochemistry major. 

Classroom W406, where the event is held, doesn’t have a lot of space for students to sit by themselves and be antisocial, so it actually has given everyone a chance to try and socialize. 

“Because of the small space, students are able to engage.” said Barbara Llongo, event coordinator, a freshman majoring in Phycology and Spanish.

All the events held by the LMSA club are not funded by Hunter College. Despite this, president Leslie Revatta and the event coordinators are always excited to see new people come to their events and have fun.

Snack provided for students by the LMSA club

“I contribute a lot to this club like food, materials, decorations,” said Revatta, a Biochemistry major with a Psychology minor. ”Students feel comfortable and not alone in such a big school without the pressure of all the work load.”

Cafecito has been an eye opener for students because they step out of their usual zone of going to school and class as they expand themselves socially.  

Cafecito is one of many activities the LMSA club offers; they have other events, like Espanol Sin Barreras trivia night and an arts and crafts event.  

Revatta said she gives a lot of her time to the LMSA club because she thinks its important for students to have a space where they can convene and not be judged by their race or ethnicity.


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