Hunter students get ready for winter break — not


As the fall semester comes to an end and exams wrap up, students here at Hunter seem to have one thing to look forward to during winter break: more work.

Rakeem Nelson, a senior, is thinking about earning some extra money over the break.

“I’m just mixing in some interviews for job placements, ‘cause I need a second job so I can go ahead and move out of my house!” said Nelson.

Like Nelson, Sarah Ahmed, a sophomore, is focused on her own hustle over the break and has set a few goals of her own. “Over the break I’m going to be working at my job more, but I also want to look for internships so I can get one over the summer,” said Ahmed.

And Jeff Baglobin, is going to try and find some type of happy medium, with work and a little fun. “I’m definitely going to take more hours at work, but I’m going to try to spend a few weekends at my cousin’s house in Jersey,” said Baglobin.

But it’s about more than just making some extra money over the break; David Serna, a senior, says he isn’t going to have much time to relax in January, since he is going to be taking classes in the winter semester. And Cara Wisniewski is also taking a winter course but she is doing it through Hunter’s study abroad program.

“I’m actually going to be taking my classes in Japan, so I’m super excited about that!” said Wisniewski.

Sarah Buocatos-Cortez is a full-time student and balances a part-time job at a pizzeria in Brooklyn, but she has different plants for this upcoming break. During this time she is is planning to put work on the back burner, and get back into the gym and get back to salsa dancing, which was one of her hobbies.

“School messes that up for me ‘cause there’s always some new assignment that I have to do,” said Buocatos-Cortez. “Now I’ll actually have time to focus on myself.”

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