Pre-Health students get a glimpse of grad school process

Students swinging through the entrance of the main lobby in the West Building last week were greeted by more than 30 institutions representing an array of regional health professions graduate schools. The goal was to help align Hunter students with information on programs from dentistry and medicine to optometry, pharmacy, pediatric medicine, physician assistant and clinical research professions.

The representatives from each school stood ready with brochures and branded giveaways and advice on how to apply to their programs. The fair was hosted by the Pre-Health Advising Office and organized with the Post Baccalaureate Pre-Health Certificate Program.

“We want to help students interact with schools that offer them opportunities that are fitting for them to give them a better chance when applying to schools,” said Siam Ayon, co-president of the Pre-Health Club and a representative for the Undergraduate Student Government in pre-health. Ayon, alongside Christina Metgher, president of the post bacc community, helped put together this event for not only students who are interested in medical programs but any students who might be curious about the application process or student life at these schools.

Siam Ayon
Siam Ayon

Schools included Einstein Downstate, SUNY Upstate, Hofstra Mount Sinai, NYIT, NYU Langone, NYU School of Dentistry, NYU MS in Clinical Research, Pharmacy Touro, Osteopathic Medicine University of Illinois, College of Pharmacy Weill Cornell and Yale among others.

“I’m so active at Hunter with philanthropic pre-health events and I was surprised to learn a few things here myself pertaining to medical pre-health, the ability to take classes online and even in-home programs,” said Avon. “It was so awesome to learn about.” 

Some of the presenters were also former Hunter students. Angelica Lopez, wearing a white lab coat embroidered with “Rutgers New Jersey, Medical Student,” stood at a table dressed with information about Rutgers’ programs. A group of eight students holding stacks of assorted documents from neighboring tables listened closely as she spoke about her college application experience.

“I was so intimidated by the application process after I graduated from Hunter, I wasn’t sure what my chances were. But I just kept asking questions and just went for it,” said Lopez, who is now a med student at Rutgers University.

Students were clustered around the table with expressions of excitement, their hands raised with questions for Lopez.  

Students who are part of the pre-health program at Hunter received required volunteer hours for their degrees. 

“I still have a year left at Hunter, but I think it’s important to start looking at your options before you graduate so that when you do, you’re not lost,” said Tricia Ruiz, a biology major and an aspiring pediatric physician. “Hunter makes it easy for you to makes things happen for yourself, if you’re willing to do some research.”



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