Student Work

City Limits – New Push for Banks to Monitor Building Conditions
Written by the Jack Newfield Reporting Class, this article address the issue on poor building conditions, and how housing advocates have increased their focus on the banks who allow negligent property owners to buy other people’s homes.

City Limits – City Investigating Home for LGBT Youth
Reported by Adelyn Maldonado and Julio Palleiro, this article features Gramercy Residence, a LGBT home for young runaways, being investigated by the Administration for Children’s Services after current and former residents report staffers there using excessive force, engaging in sexual misconduct and mismanaging resident’s finances.

The New York World – Lawsuits against Housing Authority surge as tenants seek speedy repairs
Reported by Matt Drange, this article addresses the issue of the Housing Authority failing to maintain the living conditions of many apartments. The number of tenants suing the NYCHA for repairs surged 40 percent between 2010 and 2011 and has nearly doubled in the last decade.

Mott Haven Herald – Housing Authority tenants do their own repairs
Written by Sarah Grile and Flonia Telegrafi, this following article reports tenants forced to repair their own apartments due to The Housing Authority in a backlog of $7 billion needed repairs.

The New York World – Housing Authority tenants take home repairs into their own hands
The following article was written by Sarah Grile and Flonia Telegrafi on tenants taking on DIY repair projects on their apartments due to the New York City Housing Authority failing to maintain the housing complex in a livable condition.

On The Move/En Movimiento – A Video on the Fight for Clean Air
The video was produced by Chloe Smolarski, Melissa Nicolardi, Veralyn Williams and Marjorie Bresciani in a graduate course at Hunter College. Many thanks are due to these women for their wonderful work.

The Village Voice – The Second Battle of Bushwick
The following article was reported by the students in the Hunter College urban investigative reporting class, taught by the Jack Newfield visiting professor Tom Robbins. The article was a class project inspired by Jack Newfield in which students follow the muckraking techniques of Jack Newfield and complete a final project published by The Village Voice.

The Village Voice – Apartments from Hell
The following slideshow pertains to the above link featuring the article “The Ten Worst Landlords”. The slideshow produced by Hunter College students in Wayne Barrett’s Journalism class displays the horrors of New York City apartments owned by the worst landlords.

The Village Voice – The 10 Worst Landlords
The following article was reported by Wayne Barrett and the students at Hunter College as a class project. Wayne Barrett, the winner of the first Jack Newfield professorship at Hunter College with the help of his students has brought back a Jack Newfield tradition of muckraking journalism by reinstating his famous “The Ten Worst Landlords” news column published by the Village Voice as a class project