• Working with other techterns under the guidance of Peter Jackson not only helped me explore my interests, but also better understand where my passions truly lie. I was able to learn about resources for internships, choose better classes, make connections with people I respect and care about, and more.

    Adrian K.

    Being a techtern was a fresh start for me in my college career. After four years of psychology, I realized that my interests lied more in the studies of the Film/Media Department, and what better way to get experience then actually working there.

    Adrian K.

    I owe a lot to the TechTern program and to Peter, without them or him I don’t think I would have graduated from Hunter College.

    Jules R.

    Not only did I learn a lot while working as a Techtern, I became part of a community. Everyone works so hard and is always so willing to lend a helping hand; you could turn to any of the techterns for anything. They made one feel included and ensured that anyone who came through the doors of Peter’s office feel like they belonged and were ready to help anyone at the drop of a hat.

    Matt C.

    I learned how to be a team player and how patience and problem solving can win the day. Working as a techtern allowed me to have more access to professors and resources. I would never be where I am today if it was not for Peter and the nurturing educational environment he fostered.

    Rommel G., Director of Photography class of 2007

    …one of the greatest learning experiences I had at Hunter… I came into the media office with virtually no knowledge of troubleshooting computers and any type of media or film equipment.

    Francisco P.

    Being at the office has allowed me to make friends who are fun to be around and are serious in film and media. I know I can joke around with them, and if I ever have a question about something someone is always happy to answer it.

    Emel S.

    Peter does a great job of being our boss knowing how to balance being a friend and being a supervisor. Overall, being a techtern is a truly fun and offers you a good learning experience if you take initiative. It’s an experience I’ve enjoyed and never forget.

    Jeremy B.

    During my time in the office, I realized to get the most of the internship you had to actively seek to learn. You get out what you put into it. Sure you’ll be given tasks to do, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just those tasks. You can ask for another task to do. To be a techtern is to involve yourself with a unique group of individuals. Working in the office, I realized that it is truly a team effort working there. When there’s a big event or job to do, we work together to make sure we do our job well. In addition to that, you make friends with people whom you might’ve never met had it been for the office.

    Jeremy B.

    Aside having this great opportunity to gain real hands-on and practical experience, I really love the energy and dynamic of everyone in the office. Though fluent in sarcasm, everyone is so patient and willing to help. In a commuter school like Hunter, it can be hard to create bonds and gain experiences like these, which is why I’m so grateful to have interned here. My only regret is that I wish I started sooner!

    Fanny L.

    Finally, being a Tech Tern provided me with a second family in a commuter school. The office was filled with all kinds of funny and kind-hearted people and Peter was a hysterical and supportive mentor. There were a lot of office events and parties and even spontaneous hang-outs outside of school. I highly recommend this experience as a Tech Tern to anyone who is even remotely interested in the film and media industries.

    Halima A.

    Being a techtern was probably one of the best experiences ever. The opportunities and interactions you have with Peter and the other interns is something that you don’t really get in other places, kind of like having a second family. Always welcome and no matter what, in that office, Teamwork makes the dream work.

    Gyasi M.

    As a techtern, you are often put in situations where you are learning as you go. This internship helps you feel comfortable with not knowing how to do something right away. It is understood by your instructor Peter, and the other tech terns that you will be working with, that it is all a learning process that will help strengthen your knowledge of the technical aspects in media.

    Emily S.

    You’ll have your set time to be in working but more likely than not, you’ll end up staying in the office helping or, when there’s down time, chatting, studying, hanging out, or having a good time. The office is somewhere to you can always go to and, if you need to, relax with your fellow techterns.

    Jeremy B.

    As an older student, I met a lot of people (students and teachers) who taught me quite a bit… the one thing that I took away from the program was Peter’s constant encouragement in trying to convince me that I knew more (tech-wise) than I actually felt I did.

    Jay J.

    The experiences I’ve had in my short time here, from friends to opportunities, are, to put it quite frankly, invaluable.

    Alexander L.

    During my time spent as a Tech Tern, I learned a lot of different things… You don’t need to know everything to gain experience. I knew very little about computers coming in and I was not a media or computer science major.


    Working as a Tech Tern for 1.5 years has served me in so many ways. For one, I was able to develop invaluable technical knowledge and production skills, since I was always surrounded by various equipment and was constantly given tasks that challenged me. Secondly, I was continuously coming across professors, advisors and staff members, which gave me several opportunities to ask any questions I had.

    Halima A.

    Working for Peter as a techtern was one of the best things I could have done in my time at Hunter. His office was a great incubator, it taught me responsibility.

    Rommel G., Director of Photography class of 2007

    …Peter, along with tech fellows and older techterns, were kind of enough to teach me new techniques everyday. Even to this day, I know I can visit Peter if I have any technical (but not just limited to technical) questions when it comes film/video or computers.

    Francisco P.

    …you learn more than technical things like how to take apart an iMac/MacBook or partitioning drives, you can learn more about your own potential, meet people who share your passions or show you things you didn’t realize existed and discover your interests in the vast fields of media/IT/production.

    Kim H.

    Your tasks each day will vary from heading over to classrooms and helping fix a broken computer to learning the ins and outs of Hunter’s TV Studio. You will also be unlocking many, many doors. If you went into a task having no idea how to complete it, you will end up knowing it better than anybody there. By the end of your time as a tech tern, you will have learned valuable assets in the world of tech that you may have never expected to learn.

    Emily S.

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