Escarleth Fernandez

Honors Project (2018)

Description: Metamorphosis aims to provide resources for undocumented high school, undergraduate, and non-traditional students alike. Our main component is telling the stories of other undocumented people, so that these stories may showcase that there is no one straight path to achieve success as an undocumented person. Another component is to provide lists of scholarships students may apply to and organizations that students may utilize for their services or join. Moreover, Metamorphosis will keep people updated with any immigration news happening locally and nationally. Finally, this site will compile events of interest to undocumented people that are happening in NYC, such as marches, conferences, or legal clinics that are organized by pro-immigrant organizations or undocumented-led organizations. Metamorphosis’s core goal is to publicize pathways of hope for undocumented students. They shouldn’t pause their dreams because of not having papers.

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