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NYOFCo won’t reopen in Hunts Point

The sprawling complex with the red-and-white striped smokestack on the Hunts Point waterfront where the New York Organic Fertilizer Company converted sewage sludge into fertilizer will not reopen any time soon. The city’s Department of Environmental Protection will announce tomorrow that officials have selected an upstate New York-based sludge recycling […]

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‘NYOFCo–No way,’ Board 2 leader vows

City officials continue to keep a tight lid on information concerning the future of NYOFCo, the defunct sewage treatment plant that provoked 16 years of protest over the awful smells that rose from the plant on Oak Point Avenue topped with a red-and-white striped smoke stack. But the district manager […]

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Sludge plant process shuns Hunts Point residents

Former site of NYOFCo plant, which a new venture hopes to reopen soon as an alternative energy operation.

The city will soon decide who will take the place of former sludge processing plant NYOFCo, which closed in 2010, and Hunts Point residents will have no say as to who that will be. The city’s Department of Environmental Protection began taking proposals from applicants looking to process sludge, shortly […]

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Will NYOFCo rise from the grave?

Will NYOFCo rise from the grave?

The city forced the sewage-to-fertilizer plant on Oak Point Avenue to close its doors last summer after 16 years of nauseating smells. Now, though, the plant may be reopened.

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NYOFCo to close its doors

NYOFCo to close its doors

NYOFCo, the fertilizer company that Hunts Point residents have been fighting for over a decade, has announced it will be closing and leaving the neighborhood for good. “This is a huge step forward for the neighborhood,” said Kellie Terry-Sepulveda, executive director of The Point CDC, one of many local organizations […]


What’s that smell? the Hunts Point sewage plant

For more than a decade Hunts Point Organizations have fought to make a local sewage processing plant respect its neighbors’ needs. Now they’re trying something new: buying stock and using their power as shareholders to demand improvements.