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Protesters oppose incinerator plans

Protesters oppose incinerator plans

Bronx community groups took to the streets of Manhattan on April 9th to protest Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s plans to test new garbage disposal technology they fear will end up hurting the South Bronx. Representatives from The Point CDC, Nos Quedamos, Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice and other community organizations […]

Art / Education

From the editor: Art for all

Now that the Bloomberg administration has converted New York’s public schools to sweatshops for the manufacture of standardized test scores, students have to look elsewhere to learn about and be inspired by art. That’s where museums and exhibit spaces come in, and, fortunately, the Bronx is leading the way by […]


Fifth South Bronx Earth Fest is coming up

For the fifth year, South Bronx residents will mark Earth Day with a festival in St. Mary’s Park in Mott Haven on Saturday, April 21, from 12 noon to 4 p.m.

The free South Bronx Earth Fest combines family activities with entertainment and environmental exhibits at the park on St. Ann’s Avenue and 146th Street.


Fulton Fish Market’s new competitor

You can buy fish wholesale at Hunts Point’s sleek, mechanized New Fulton Fish Market. Or you can grow your own. Visiting film-makers from the Netherlands compare the two experiences in this mini documentary about two entrepreneurs in the same business–Chris Toole, who’s raising Tilapia at The Point Community Development Corp. […]

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City woos FreshDirect to the South Bronx

Over the objections of Bronx environmentalists and many local community advocates, the online grocer FreshDirect will move to Port Morris, thanks to a package of taxpayer subsidies worth nearly $130 million.
City officials said the deal preserves 2,000 jobs and will add more than 600 more. Critics cite its high cost and the speed with which it was rushed through without public input. They complain that the location of the new plant jeopardizes plans to build a pedestrian bridge to Randall’s Island and to create public access to the waterfront, and warn that the additional truck traffic to and from FreshDirect will further foul the air in a neighborhood where asthma is epidemic.

Business / Environment / Politics

The FreshDirect deal at a glance

FreshDirect gets From New York State: • $18.9 million in Excelsior tax credits• $9 million capital grant • $4 million in energy grants and incentives • $1 million loan • Up to $1 million in vouchers for the purchase of electric vehicles From New York City: • Approximately $74 million […]

News / Politics

New senate district cuts Hunts Point off

Sen. Jeff Klein

There will be a new face in local politics if the new district lines released on Jan. 26 by a committee of legislators take effect. Instead of being represented in the state senate by Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr., most of the Hunts Point peninsula would be attached to a district […]

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Residents on edge over tire slashings

As if the long lingering recession were not economic burden enough, now residents of the South Bronx have a new worry: keeping their vehicles out of harm’s way while they sleep. About 50 cars in the area have had their tires slashed at night since the new year began, costing […]


Peace month seeks to combat violence

Peace month seeks to combat violence

A single mother raises her child in a violent household. She escapes, hoping for a new life. She finds it as an importer of tropical fruits in the Hunts Point Food Market. At first she prospers, but then her business collapses. Then her son is shot and killed. Again she […]