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NYCHA residents rally for repairs, funding

NYCHA residents rally on the steps of City Hall for repairs and funding

Bronx public housing residents, community organizations, labor unions and elected officials gathered on the steps of City Hall in February to demand adequate funding and oversight of the long neglected and dilapidated NYCHA buildings.

Education / Environment

Rocking the Boat students take on most complex task yet

Rocking the Boat students take on most complex task yet

After 20 years and 49 boats, Rocking the Boat students are taking on their most complex project yet.

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Preserving forgotten Bronx voices

Emita Hill interviewing Alice Kramer in 1982

From farms to fires, the story of the Bronx in the 20th century is told by those who lived it in a new collection of oral histories.

Art / Culture

From graffiti to hip-hop

Photos depict the roots of graffiti at The Point CDC.

Some sixty guests heard a panel comprised of leaders of the graffiti movement, as they reminisced about the rise and fall of tagging on trains, NYPD’s war on graffiti and the acceptance of the art form abroad.

Food / Jobs

Looking to the future–on the farm

BEST Agriculture students gather around a table to learn how to begin their mushroom farms.

With sights set on the new trend of growing food in vacant lots and on city rooftops, Sustainable South Bronx has begun a pilot program offering training that can lead to jobs in urban farming.


Is reality TV headed to South Bronx?

The cast of the South Bronx Reality Show from left to right are: Eric Calas (not in the show), Beth Garcia, Stanley Duran, Delaina Waldron, RJ Acosta and Cholie Garcia (lying down).

After watching MTV, a Longwood native decides, “We could so do a show about the South Bronx.”


Artists recapture South Bronx history

A photograph of the Fashion Moda storefront was projected onto a screen as Lisa Kahane discussed the era.

Three participants in a radical artistic collaboration in the late 1970s were reunited at the Bronx Documentary Center on Feb. 16 to recall a time when a shabby storefront near the Hub became a hot spot of the New York art world.

Environment / Politics

From the editor: Just garbage

Garbage trucks on parade.

The city is supposed to build a new garbage facility in Manhattan to relieve the South Bronx of the unfair burden it has shouldered for years. Now, though, some politicians are wavering.


Incinerators will foul the air, activists warn

Incinerators will foul the air, activists warn

As the clock ticks on Mayor Bloomberg’s final term in City Hall, environmental activists want to be sure he doesn’t forget the promise he made six years ago to take some of the burden off poor neighborhoods by seeing to it that other neighborhoods and other boroughs bore their fair […]