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HPAC’s Back-to-School Fair introduces two community-based projects

HPAC’s Executive Director Jill Roche accepts a check from Councilmember Rafael Salamanca for the organization’s career readiness programs at last month’s Back-to-School Fair.

Two new community-based projects were introduced at the Hunts Point Alliance for Children’s ninth annual Back-to-School Fair: Hunts Point Habla, where residents can weigh in on issues that concern them, and a Career Readiness Program for teens at HPAC. Hunts Point Habla, or Hunts Point Speaks, was launched by the […]

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From the editor: Our new city council member

The 17th City Council district

As the district manager of Community Board 2 Rafael Salamanca was an energetic advocate for Hunts Point and Longwood as well as a visible presence at neighborhood meetings that addressed concerns about traffic on the area’s truck-burdened streets and issues of health and housing.

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Salamanca headquarters celebrates election victory

Rafael Salamanca celebrates his victory with supporters at his campaign headquarters following the Feb. 23 special election.

Votes on mayor’s housing plan and city budget await new Councilmember Nearly an hour after polls had closed for the 17th Council District’s special election, people were ready for a party at Rafael Salamanca’s headquarters. Supporters filled the small storefront space on East 163rd Street, plates of rice and cups […]


First round of filings reported in council race

First round of filings reported in council race

Rafael Salamanca reported a war chest of $48,515 to the city’s Campaign Finance Board in the first round of filings on Jan. 15, followed by Amanda Septimo with $27,580 and Joann Otero with $8,382.


Rafael Salamanca announces City Council run

Rafael Salamanca announces City Council run

Community Board 2 District Manager Rafael Salamanca has announced he will run for the vacant 17th district city council seat, joining a long list of candidates.

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Trip to laundromat ends tragically for local woman

The Intersection of Seneca and Bryant avenues.

More than a month after a 16-wheel box truck struck and killed a Hunts Point woman, residents and shopkeepers around Seneca and Bryant avenues are slowly coming to terms with the loss of a neighborhood friend.

Government / Parks

Area parks in line for upgrades

Children at 52 Playground in Longwood.

Playground 52, Hunts Point Playground, Lyons Square Playground and Longfellow Gardens will undergo renovations, as part of a mayoral initiative to repair small city parks in underserved areas.


Hunts Point walks for people with HIV

The fourth annual Hunts Point AIDS Walk

In 2013, more Bronx residents died of complications from the AIDS virus than in any other borough, according to the city health department.

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Tree census kicks off in Hunts Point

Volunteers helped launch the Trees Census at Julio Carballo Park on May 19.

The New York City Parks Department picked Hunts Point as the launching spot for the NYC Tree Census – the first official count of the city’s green residents in three decades.