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City to ramp up enforcement on drivers who use express bus lane

The new BX6 Select.

The city’s transportation department has activated cameras along the Bx6 Select Bus Service route through Longwood and Hunts Point, to help crack down on drivers who slow down the new buses by using those express lanes.


Local school squeezed for play space

Students from the Bronx Charter School for the Arts compete with parked cars for play space on Longfellow Avenue.

Community Board 2 has joined sides with the Bronx Charter School for the Arts to push the transportation dept. to limit cars on their street so that students can play in peace.


Residents tell traffic engineers: ‘Leave our street alone’

Dr. Lucretia Jones points out the problems she says the city has brought about by turning her block into a one-way.

In July, the transportation department converted part of Dawson Street to a two-way street to cut down on a major speeding problem. But when they extended the project to change traffic flow on an adjacent block without informing the community, residents were furious.


Union pushes two-stop bus service to Manhattan

The projected route for proposed Select Bus Service that would run through Hunts Point.

Though the route is still open to change, advocates presenting at a March 13 meeting were adamant that its construction would give Bronx residents accessibility to jobs in Harlem and Manhattan.


City calls for changes to the Sheridan

The illustration shows the city’s newly designed, narrower Sheridan, with increased access to the Bronx River. The second shows the area around Oak Point Avenue, where the city says it will recommend ramps that would run directly to the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center.

Advocates, who for over a decade have fought to replace the highway, with housing, businesses, parks and easy access to the Bronx River, are happy with some parts of a new city plan, but not with others.

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Overhaul planned for Msgr. Del Valle Square

Monsignor del Valle Square before renovations began last year.

City asks residents to help imagine a remake City officials told Community Board 2 at an April meeting that Monsignor Raul Del Valle Square will soon undergo a major facelift, and they want local residents to share their ideas of what the revamped space could look like. The tiny square, […]


Accident-prone corner gets stop sign

By Daniel Bejarano It took 14 years of car accidents, but finally, the Department of Transportation has put two new stop signs at the corner of East 156th and Kelly Streets. The signs went up March 16th, just two days after a contentious community board meeting at which residents blasted […]

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Effort for cleaner air targets trucks

It may not have the same ring as “cash for clunkers,” but the new Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program will share that initiative’s goal of trying to reduce air pollution by providing businesses with incentives for getting the worst polluting vehicles off local streets and roadways. The city’s Department of […]

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Will Crames Square ever be congestion free?

Will Crames Square ever be congestion free?

Getting to the Hunts Point subway stop from the Hunts Point peninsula is “hell,” said resident John Carlos on a recent afternoon. “Cars and buses are on all sides. It gets easily crowded and there is not enough time to cross.” Pedestrians have to cross a 72-foot roadway under the […]