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Sewer plant will tower over park

Sewer plant will tower over park

By Daniel Allen This rendering from the environmental impact statement for the Hunts Point sewage treatment plant shows the towers to be built in relation to Barretto Point Park. The city’s plan to add two 13-story towers to the Hunts Point sewage treatment plant would pollute the air, increase […]


Battling for a school’s life

By Christina Davis The city Department of Education calls the New School for Arts and Sciences a failure. Teachers, students and administrators disagree. They’re locked in a struggle to save the small high school in Hunts Point, which the Department of Education has slated to shut down completely in […]

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Hunts Point arms for battle over jail

A coalition of Hunts Point neighborhood activists, legal aid organizations, and prisoners rights groups say the city shouldn’t build a 2,000-bed jail at the Oak Point rail yard.


Hunts Point’s pioneering green roof

By Emily Taken-Vertz Last year, the environmental organization Sustainable South Bronx planted a secret garden on the roof of the sprawling American Banknote building, which covers the better part of the block bounded by Tiffany and Barretto Streets and Garrison and Lafayette Avenues. The rooftop resembles a weedy vacant […]


What’s that smell? the Hunts Point sewage plant

For more than a decade Hunts Point Organizations have fought to make a local sewage processing plant respect its neighbors’ needs. Now they’re trying something new: buying stock and using their power as shareholders to demand improvements.

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Community garden grows in a jail’s shadow

By Susan Hill At the intersection of Spofford Avenue and Barretto Street, beneath the looming Bridges Juvenile Center, red-faced geraniums peek through the holes of a chain-link fence. Vegetables also flourish in the company of their caretakers: a spirited group of Hunts Point retirees, who congregate daily beside the small, […]