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Many in Hunts Point unaware of Spofford redevelopment

Location of future development project at former juvenile detention center.

Many Hunts Point residents are unaware of what could be one of the biggest neighborhood projects in decades.

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Food Center Drive slated to become one-way

An aerial shot of the Hunts Point waterfront.

The city plans to start conversion of the roadway in and out of the food markets so pedestrians and bikers can use it, but businesses along the waterfront say traffic would become a nightmare.


Waterfront site remains unused

The Marine Transfer Station on Food Center Drive.

In 2005 a task force of businesses and local organizations called for repurposing the waste transfer station on the East River. Nine years later, the city is planning to tear it down but has no plans for developing the site.

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Community board looks to keep auto shops out

About 50 auto shops that were thrown out of Queens have signed a lease to move into this warehouse on Leggett Avenue.

Angry about being shut out of discussions, local leaders say Hunts Point doesn’t need another 50 auto repair shops.

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A new front in the fight against asthma

Urban Health Plan is looking to reduce Hunts Point's high asthma rates through a new educational initiative.

While environmental justice groups battle air pollution, a health care network is taking on indoor conditions in run-down apartment buildings.

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Local groups merge to boost businesses

Bronx entrepreneurs have a new resource to help them boost business while creating job. The launching of a partnership between Mott Haven-based Start Small Think Big and the Hunts Point-based Business Outreach Center was celebrated at a Nov. 22 ribbon-cutting ceremony at the BankNote building where the new business will […]

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New bus route eyed for Hunts Point

A new bus route, in red, would shuttle riders between the Prospect Ave. train stop and Barretto Point Park.

A new bus route that would connect the Hunts Point peninsula to the Longwood side of the Bruckner Expressway could begin transporting passengers by the summer of next year. Officials from the city’s Transit Authority told members of Community Board 2 on Sept. 13 that initial plans call for a […]

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PO’d about the Hunts Point PO

PO’d about the Hunts Point PO

Faced with the prospect of losing their post office, about 60 Hunts Point residents turned out for a public hearing at the Hunts Point Recreation Center on Manida St. to tell five US Postal Service officials dressed in suits they’re not going to take it anymore. The Manida Street post […]

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Produce Market stays put, for now

Produce Market stays put, for now

The bustling caverns of Hunts Point’s food distribution markets, hidden behind tall walls of corrugated aluminum, begin stirring before dawn, and quit around lunchtime. This industrial twilight zone has its own restaurants and shops, tightly guarded entrances and its very own security force. It’s hard to imagine this fortified compound […]