Health / Video

Longwood program battles surge in drug use

Longwood program battles surge in drug use

As of 2016, 34 in every 100,000 residents in the Bronx died from an overdose, more than gun homicides and car crashes combined, according to a study by the New York Department of Health.

Art / Culture / Education / Video

Teen wordsmiths take the mic

Urban Word NYC Poetry Slam 2017 Prelim Contestant Leslie Lopez Performing

Teenaged wordsmiths performed their poetry at The Point CDC in March, in the preliminary rounds of Urban Word NYC.

Food / Video

Thanksgiving celebration with The Prodigal Center

A young volunteer provides table service to one of over 800 at a Thanksgiving lunch hosted by The Prodigal Center at The Point.

Over 800 people attended a Thanksgiving celebration filled with food, music, and clothing at The Point.

Education / Video

Kids rule the roost at learning center

Children at the Karuna Center

The Hunts Point Children’s Alliance’s Early Childhood initiative, which is headquartered in a space known as the Karuna Kids’ Space Place, on 889 Hunts Point Ave, features a library with toys and books to help area kids learn.

Housing / Video

A homeless winter in Hunts Point

A frigid February took its toll on the homeless in Hunts Point.

A video team followed a homeless man as he made the rounds in Hunts Point, trying to stay warm during the coldest February in the city in over 60 years.

Housing / Video

Tenants of notorious building await new landlord

Abigail Acevedo and her grandchildren in front of their mold-infested apartment at 1058 Southern Boulevard.

Tenants at at 1058 Southern Boulevard will be answering to a new landlord, hoping the new boss is not the same as the old boss.

Religion / Video

Halloween parade dedicated to legendary nun

A reveler at the New South Bronx Halloween Parade holds up a banner remembering Sister Thomas.

Hunts Point honored the legacy of beloved nun Sister Thomas at the 29th Annual New South Bronx Halloween Parade.

Art / Video

Video: Tats Cru’s art and evolution

The muralists of Tats Cru discuss their roots as Bronx artists and their objective to brighten the borough’s streets with their evocative pieces.

Parks / Video

City puts 52 Park rehab on drawing board

Shyquan using the jungle gym at 52 Park.

52 Park will get a long-needed facelift to add a skate park and make its playground safer, its basketball courts more playable and its theater more audience-friendly.