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Remembering a neighborhood activist

Remembering a neighborhood activist

It was 1974, and a group of South Bronx residents were looking for someone to fill a vacant seat on the state Assembly. The pick from the community was nearly unanimous: It would be Evelina Antonetty, surely. But public office was of no interest to the forty-something activist. Instead, she […]

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Serrano votes against debt ceiling deal

Congressman José E. Serrano voted against the legislation raising the nation’s debt ceiling, saying the package urged on Congress by President Barack Obama and the leaders of both parties cut necessary programs and failed to raise taxes on the wealthy.

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Neighborhood voices: Fight for the future

Neighborhood voices: Fight for the future

By Mark Naison I have been driving around the Bronx a lot lately and am trying hard to be positive and optimistic. There is certainly much to celebrate. What were once decayed neighborhoods are being filled with new housing complexes, some of which are beautifully designed and filled with inspiring […]

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Local pols differ on same-sex marriage

Local pols differ  on same-sex marriage

New York became just the sixth state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage, when the state senate passed a bill in June approving the measure. 33 state senators cast votes supporting the hotly debated measure while 29 opposed it. The measure met with strikingly different reactions from two elected […]

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City Year survives battle over budget

City Year, the volunteer organization that works with students at Hunts Point schools is breathing a sigh of relief. Faced with elimination by the Republican budget proposal in Congress, City Year’s parent organization the Corporation for National and Community Service, won a reprieve when the final budget bill was passed.

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Longwood’s senior residence faces revamping

After months of uncertainty over the future of the only long term nursing care center in Hunts Point and Longwood, seniors and their families can breathe easier at the news St. Vincent DePaul Residence will be staying put. Extensive renovations are underway at the nursing home, dispelling rumors the health […]

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Federal budget axe swings at City Year

Jennifer Harwood, City Year Bronx Zone Director serving with students. Photocredit: Jennifer D. Cogswell

Diana Marino used to hate to read. The eighth-grader grew frustrated whenever she came to a word or phrase she did not know. Her grades suffered as a result. Then she met Alice Pak. Last year Pak “kept motivating me and taught me to read a little bit daily until […]

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Protesters to city: Fight over Spofford is not over

The empty former jail facility on Spofford Ave.

After decades fighting to get the city to close Bridges Juvenile Justice Center in Hunts Point, advocates and residents have finally gotten their wish. The Spofford Avenue facility closed on March 11, according to a spokeswoman from the state’s Office of Children’s Services headquarters in Albany, although a spokesman for […]

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Mayor’s cuts have Hunts Point schools worried

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed laying off city school teachers in dramatic numbers to compensate for budget shortfalls. In Hunts Point and Longwood, Banana Kelly High School would stand to lose five of its 27 teachers to the Mayor’s buzzsaw, while the high school with which it shares a building […]