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At a glance: organizations at the Food Expo

The Blk Projek promoted community supported agriculture. Members would buy shares of a farm’s harvest, which would be distributed at a local site once a month. Contact

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Competing visions spark turf war in Longwood park

Competing visions spark turf war in Longwood park

By MARIA CLARK On Sept. 26, the organizers of an effort to create a community garden as part of the run-down Fox Playground held a street fair to gather support. Two days later, the Parks Department announced plans to begin renovating the park at Fox and E. 156th Street […]

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New market sells produce to public wholesale

By Eleanor A. Miller NYCity News Service Tucked into the parking lot of the New Fulton Fish Market in Hunts Point is the city’s only wholesale farmers market—and now it’s getting a boost from a $296,000 grant to the Council on the Environment of New York City, which runs farmers […]

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At farmers market, the slogan is ‘Give peas a chance’

By Susan Hill Charles White grins from behind a folding table laden with hearty stacks of cauliflower, squash, and green peppers. He is as wiry as a string bean, in perfect harmony with the bounty he is selling at the Hunts Point Farmer’s Market. White, commonly known as “Mississippi,” […]

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Community garden grows in a jail’s shadow

By Susan Hill At the intersection of Spofford Avenue and Barretto Street, beneath the looming Bridges Juvenile Center, red-faced geraniums peek through the holes of a chain-link fence. Vegetables also flourish in the company of their caretakers: a spirited group of Hunts Point retirees, who congregate daily beside the small, […]