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Officer from 41st Precinct honored for bravery

Deputy Inspector Philip Rivera, left, stands alongside Officer Juan Pichardo atht eh 41st Precinct on Longwood Avenue on June 10. Pichardo received an award for his courage earlier in the day, after turning the tables on four armed burglars last year.

Officer Juan Pichardo received an award for bravery for singlehandedly breaking up an attempted burglary while off duty in 2013, and at the same time wiping out a dangerous crime ring.

Crime / Police

Precinct offers free document shredding

The 41st Precinct stationhouse at 1035 Longwood Ave. will provide free shredding for residents on Sunday, June 1, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Anyone looking for a way to prevent identity theft should bring documents containing personal or sensitive information to be destroyed on the spot. Those interested are […]

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Officials want juice bars monitored

Community Board 2’s Liquor and Franchising committee chair Robert Crespo, flanked by elected officials and residents, was one of several speakers who called for new legislation to rein in juice bar strip clubs.

Lawmakers are pushing for legislation that would tighten a loophole that now allows strip clubs to sell juice when they can’t get a liquor license.

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Burglars assault PS 48’s music program

A damaged trumpet was among the vandalized instruments the PS 48 staff found when they returned to the school after spring break.

Thieves stole or vandalized over $30,000 worth of instruments and technology from P.S. 48.

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Platinum Pleasures reopens under new owner

Platinum Pleasures has reopened under new ownership, despite attempts by a local pastor to buy the building and convert it into a church.

Many thought they had seen the last of Hunts Point’s strip clubs, but one topless bar hangs on.

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Community board demands bars shape up

The Oro Grill on Prospect Avenue.

Community Board 2 is continuing its efforts to shut down bars and strip clubs it regards as magnets for rowdiness, noise or violence.

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Lawmaker wants better community policing

Community leaders and some elected officials hope the new mayoral administration will help mend fences between residents and law enforcement. The city’s community policing programs lost momentum during Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 12-year rein at City Hall, says Assemblyman Marcos Crespo, whose district includes Hunts Point.


Law and order: the year in crime

Law and order: the year in crime

Domestic violence remains a serious concern in Hunts Point and assaults among inmates on Riker’s Island continue to skew crime stats, but shootings and killings are down.

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Mirror thefts vex Hunts Point drivers

Theft of side mirrors continues to plague Hunts Point drivers.

Drivers in Hunts Point have long suspected some auto parts shops are selling them back their own stolen mirrors.