Articles written by: Wen Hao Wang

Crime / Education

Youth sound off on criminal justice

Too often, the police assume they are breaking the law or the courts decide to put them behind bars, young men and women from the Hunts Point-Longwood area told a panel of officials who work in the criminal justice system. Rising from the audience at Thessalonia Cultural Community Center, one […]

Education / Politics

City Year survives battle over budget

City Year, the volunteer organization that works with students at Hunts Point schools is breathing a sigh of relief. Faced with elimination by the Republican budget proposal in Congress, City Year’s parent organization the Corporation for National and Community Service, won a reprieve when the final budget bill was passed.

Environment / Transportation

Will Crames Square ever be congestion free?

Will Crames Square ever be congestion free?

Getting to the Hunts Point subway stop from the Hunts Point peninsula is “hell,” said resident John Carlos on a recent afternoon. “Cars and buses are on all sides. It gets easily crowded and there is not enough time to cross.” Pedestrians have to cross a 72-foot roadway under the […]

Education / News / Politics

Federal budget axe swings at City Year

Jennifer Harwood, City Year Bronx Zone Director serving with students. Photocredit: Jennifer D. Cogswell

Diana Marino used to hate to read. The eighth-grader grew frustrated whenever she came to a word or phrase she did not know. Her grades suffered as a result. Then she met Alice Pak. Last year Pak “kept motivating me and taught me to read a little bit daily until […]