Articles written by: Matthew J. Perlman

Art / Culture

Indie film depicts daily life of Hunts Point teens

Cast members from "The We and the I."

French director’s latest features local high schoolers Academy Award-winning French filmmaker Michel Gondry is known for blending the real and the surreal, but for a group of young people from Hunts Point, his latest movie is an especially intriguing mix of fantasy and reality. Several local teens make their screen […]

Crime / Jobs

DA charges Hispanic Construction Workers

Coalition workers wait near a construction site.

It’s hard to reconcile the good work Longwood-based United Hispanic Construction Workers says it does to help the jobless find work, with the allegations of brutality and extortion lodged by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. In an indictment issued September 26, the DA charges that David Rodriguez and […]

Business / News / Politics

BankNote vies to take on big tenant

This historic BankNote building may soon be home to a massive city social service operation.

The city’s plans to rent nearly a third of the BankNote building to serve as a major hub for the borough’s public assistance programs has touched off a debate about the impact of bringing more than 2,200 residents in need to the neighborhood each day. “It’s a time bomb waiting […]

News / Parks

March calls for safer park, neighborhood

Family members gather in front of the Sankar residence, as Rev. Carmen Hernandez leads the group in prayer.

In the oblong shadows cast by the industrial equipment turned sculpture in Concrete Plant Park, a solemn group of around 120 mourners and activists gathered on Oct. 16 to remember the brief life of 18-year-old Anil Sankar, and to call for a safer neighborhood. Sankar was the Touro College student […]


Hollywood comes to Hunts Point

Hollywood comes to Hunts Point

For several weeks in August and September, the heavy black doors of the Live from the Edge Theatre at The Point Community Development Corp. concealed a Hollywood studio. Crew and equipment crowded the auditorium, bustling about the business of movie making.


Troubled buildings home to vagrants

Troubled buildings home to vagrants

At the end of a once-charming hallway in 935 Kelly St., with beige walls, red trim, and matching honeycomb tiles, an open window looks onto a fire escape, where a dead rat bakes in the sun. “Watch this,” said Louis Angel, a tenant, giving a swift kick to the door […]

Business / Food / Jobs / News / Politics

Produce Market stays put, for now

Produce Market stays put, for now

The bustling caverns of Hunts Point’s food distribution markets, hidden behind tall walls of corrugated aluminum, begin stirring before dawn, and quit around lunchtime. This industrial twilight zone has its own restaurants and shops, tightly guarded entrances and its very own security force. It’s hard to imagine this fortified compound […]

Art / Business

Bronx streetscapes take center stage

Bronx streetscapes take center stage

Emilio Sanchez made his first trek down Hunts Point’s Food Center Drive in 1988, when he was 67, to an art gallery in the caverns of the Krasdale Foods complex where his art was being shown. His friend Sig Balka, general attorney for Krasdale and art connoisseur, was showing Sanchez’s […]

Art / News

Hunts Point Inside Out

The outside wall of The Point CDC turned Inside Out.

As Donay Davis was walking to a friend’s house on Casanova Street, he noticed his old mentor, Paul Ramirez standing atop some scaffolding, covered in glue, with a squeegee in his hand. “Hey Paul,” yelled Davis. “What are you doing up there?” “Go change your clothes,” was the reply. “We […]