Articles written by: Jennifer Zolchak

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At MS 424, hip hop is a gateway to new worlds

Students work on new steps in Hip-Hop dance class

“Rock That Body” by Black Eyed Peas pumps through the stereo in the dance classroom of Middle School 424 on Bryant Avenue, where 20 seventh and eighth grade honors students pop, lock and drop to the beat. “Hip op is really fun,” says student Ilearis Fernandez. “It helps with school […]


Hunts Point’s mystery graveyard

Hunts Point’s mystery graveyard

On Oak Point Avenue, surrounded by businesses, auto repair shops, abandoned buildings and warehouses, is a green oasis bordered by Hunts Point and Longfellow avenues. In the center of the green space is a cemetery. Virtually unnoticed and unknown, the graves tell a story that began 200 years ago.