Articles written by: Bernard L. Stein


From the editor: Some Bronx hero

Next month, the Bronx Borough President will roll out the red carpet for a Bronx native who has grown successful as a rapper with songs that deman women. Is this really an achievement to celebrate as a symbol of our borough?

Art / Education

From the editor: Art for all

Now that the Bloomberg administration has converted New York’s public schools to sweatshops for the manufacture of standardized test scores, students have to look elsewhere to learn about and be inspired by art. That’s where museums and exhibit spaces come in, and, fortunately, the Bronx is leading the way by […]

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New senate district cuts Hunts Point off

Sen. Jeff Klein

There will be a new face in local politics if the new district lines released on Jan. 26 by a committee of legislators take effect. Instead of being represented in the state senate by Rev. Ruben Diaz Sr., most of the Hunts Point peninsula would be attached to a district […]

Environment / Health / News

‘NYOFCo–No way,’ Board 2 leader vows

City officials continue to keep a tight lid on information concerning the future of NYOFCo, the defunct sewage treatment plant that provoked 16 years of protest over the awful smells that rose from the plant on Oak Point Avenue topped with a red-and-white striped smoke stack. But the district manager […]


Youth leader speaks out


From the editor: Occupy the Bronx

“The Bronx is in the house,” thundered 60 or 70 people last Saturday afternoon as they marched into a public square in lower Manhattan. The chant announced their presence to more than a thousand demonstrators already assembled in Zuccotti Park to protest against corporate greed and a government that serves […]

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From the editor: Reviving the Bronx River

From the editor: Reviving the Bronx River

Birthdays are a time to reflect on the past–to chart how far you’ve come. So it was no surprise when community activists who gathered for the 10th birthday celebration of the Bronx River Alliance described what the Bronx River looked like the first time they saw it. As a girl […]

Education / News

Banana Kelly principal calls it quits

In a letter tinged with sadness and bitterness, the embattled principal of Banana Kelly High School has resigned. Joshua Laub, who headed the school for 12 years, blamed city policies for the declining fortunes of the school, where graduation rates have been falling while enrollment climbed. Saying the Department of […]

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Serrano votes against debt ceiling deal

Congressman José E. Serrano voted against the legislation raising the nation’s debt ceiling, saying the package urged on Congress by President Barack Obama and the leaders of both parties cut necessary programs and failed to raise taxes on the wealthy.