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Education / Environment

For South Bronx educator, it’s easy being green

Stephen Ritz.

More than 5,000 schools in the United States now use some version of Ritz’s curriculum, according to a memoir, “The Power of a Plant,” published on May 2, in which Ritz traces how he transformed himself as he transformed his classroom.

Environment / Politics

From the editor: Bring less garbage to the South Bronx

On this map prepared by the NYC Environmental Justice Alliance, the black dot marks Metropolitan Transfer Station in Hunts Point. The orange clusters indicate Metropolitan's customers across the city. The red dots show the locations of the city's other active transfer stations.

  Just as years of effort to relieve the South Bronx from handling so much of the city’s waste were about to pay off, a law requiring the burden to be shared is in trouble in the City Council. Its failure would leave Hunts Point and Port Morris responsible for […]

Government / Politics

Fundraising starts for September primary

Fundraising starts for September primary

Councilman Rafael Salamanca Jr. has built an early fund-raising lead in advance of the September Democratic primary, with big contributions from the Bronx Democratic Party machine and elected officials, along with numerous smaller contributions.

Government / Politics

From the editor: Our new city council member

The 17th City Council district

As the district manager of Community Board 2 Rafael Salamanca was an energetic advocate for Hunts Point and Longwood as well as a visible presence at neighborhood meetings that addressed concerns about traffic on the area’s truck-burdened streets and issues of health and housing.

Government / Politics

Campaign funds pour in for Salamanca

Campaign funds pour in for Salamanca

Rafael Salamanca, the candidate backed by the Bronx Democratic Party machine, continues to bring in large contributions from elected officials and from businesses that need the support of politicians.


First round of filings reported in council race

First round of filings reported in council race

Rafael Salamanca reported a war chest of $48,515 to the city’s Campaign Finance Board in the first round of filings on Jan. 15, followed by Amanda Septimo with $27,580 and Joann Otero with $8,382.

Art / Culture

Troubling photos divide opinions at local exhibit

Troubling photos divide opinions at local exhibit

Journalists say former Wall Streeter is staining the trade As the Bronx Documentary Center prepared to open an exhibit that examines posed, faked or manipulated documentary photography, it sent Chris Arnade a message telling him that his work would be displayed as an example of unethical photojournalism. Since then, the […]

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Preserving forgotten Bronx voices

Emita Hill interviewing Alice Kramer in 1982

From farms to fires, the story of the Bronx in the 20th century is told by those who lived it in a new collection of oral histories.


Campaign targets dangerous corners

The stream of traffic along Bruckner Boulevard makes crossing the street an adventure.

Broad streets, fast lights and lots of traffic make crossing the street hazardous.