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Salamanca will chair City Council’s Land Use Committee

Rafael Salamanca Jr.

City Councilman Rafael Salamanca Jr. was named to chair the City Council’s influential Land Use Committee, where he will be responsible for working to shape zoning measures, development and affordable housing across the city.

Salamanca has represented Melrose, Hunts Point and Longwood since February 2018.

In a statement, Salamanca wrote, “Our city is at a crossroads, and the Council should be on the front lines in shaping the planning, development and all other land use actions in a way that listens to and addresses the concerns of all New Yorkers.

“I know this Chairmanship will also allow me to better deliver for all of you in the South Bronx. As we all know, affordable housing is desperately needed, and we need to make sure housing that’s developed truly works for those who already call the Bronx home.

“I’m proud to have delivered over 4,000 units of affordable housing since taking office just two years ago. But this committee will only help me to create greater opportunities for affordable housing, as well as many other community benefits in the years to come.”


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