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New housing coming to Longwood

Renderings of a new building planned for 1000 Fox Street.

Three buildings, 361 apartments are in the works

One developer is making big changes to the streetscape of Longwood. Renderings have been revealed for two new affordable rental buildings located around the corner from each other near the commercial district of 163rd Street, and a third is going through the city’s approval process now. Local residents seem to be excited about the prospect, which will add 360 apartment units to the neighborhood between the three buildings.

“It’s nice to see change being made to the neighborhood,” said Martha Davidson, 52, “especially for living situations.”

Two of the buildings will be entirely for residents making below the 2016 Area Median Income, which for a family of four was set at 90,600. Half the units will be for tenants making 37 percent of AMI or below; the other half will be for tenants making 80 percent of AMI or below. The developments are part of the city’s Department of Housing, Preservation and Development’s Mix and Match Program.

The developer, Properties Resources Corporation, is no newcomer to the neighborhood. The company’s founder, Jerome Chatzky, grew up on Fox Street and attended DeWitt Clinton High School and City College, starting his real estate company in 1971. He died just this past October at the age of 90, leaving behind a portfolio of an estimated 1,700 housing units in the borough, with the majority of those in Longwood.

“His legacy was working in the Bronx,” said his son-in-law Frank Linde, who is CEO of the company.

The six-story building proposed for 960 Simpson St. just off East 163rd Street will feature 80 residences averaging 918 square feet each. Tenants will have full access to a fitness center, laundry room and an outdoor recreational center. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018.

The second project is an eight-story structure at 1000 Fox St. and Westchester Avenue with 120 apartment units set to average 944 square feet apiece. The 80-foot-high structure will have 25 outdoor parking spaces, a fitness center, an outdoor recreation space, a laundry room, and a mailroom. The complex is expected to make its debut by December 2018.

The third building, at 970 Kelly just off Westchester, will include 161 residential units in an eight-story mixed-income building alongside two five-story buildings. The lot currently includes two residential buildings with 52 units each, a parking lot and green space. This project in pre-development, which means it is still seeking city approvals to proceed, but Linde said the company’s goal was to again set affordable rents using the city’s Mix and Match regulations.

All three developments are located in the commercial retail area located between East 163rd Street and Westchester Avenue and are within walking distance of the Simpson Street station, where the 2 and 5 trains stop.

Cody Cesar, 30, said he appreciates the effort being put into new development. However, he has some doubt about the usefulness of outdoor recreation areas.

“I’m glad to see outdoor spaces again, but in a lot of these buildings, outdoor rec spaces aren’t used,” said Cesar. “They sit there looking pretty but are always empty.”


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