Local coalition teams with precinct against underage drinking

The 41st Precinct released a report last week, detailing its initial efforts to bring Hunts Point/Longwood restaurants, bars and liquor stores into compliance with efforts to reduce underage drinking and substance abuse.

Earlier this year the precinct was provided a $20,000 grant by the Forward South Bronx Coalition, a network of community groups that works to combat drinking and drug use by minors.

From January through July, the precinct conducted compliance checks on eight area businesses. Ten of those were found to be in compliance, but eight were not. Among the businesses that were found to be in violation, six were cited for serving alcohol to minors and two were subject to arrest when marijuana, narcotics and weapons were found on the premises.

“In an area where underage drinking is the number one substance abuse issue, it is critically important that business establishments that sell alcohol avoid selling to underage individuals,” said the group’s project coordinator, Cedric McClester.

“This is a perfect example of a community-based organization working in conjunction with the local precinct to abate law violations, which can negatively impact youth,” said the group’s chairman, Richard Sherman.

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