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Reporter for Express is honored

Courtesy of Hunter College

Hunts Point Express reporter Iyeisha Barrie (right) with Aronson Awards host and journalist Rebecca Carroll.

Hunts Point Express reporter Iyeisha Barrie, a junior at CUNY Hunter College, won the prestigious Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism in the undergraduate category. Barrie, who reported for the Express in the fall of 2014, won for her story on a new method of tracking air quality launched recently by Sustainable South Bronx.

In her remarks at the awards ceremony, Barrie said her work at the Express and in Hunts Point had persuaded her to pursue journalism as a career, saying the class was about “broadening your horizons, breaking barriers and learning things you didn’t know before.”

About this particular story, she noted that “Sustainable South Bronx is actually doing something that will make the community better.” Barrie is a native of Queens and is majoring in journalism at Hunter.

The 25th annual James Aronson Awards for Social Justice Journalism went to reporters who exposed the collusion of a major U.S. corporation with a vicious African warlord, the impact of violence on some Baltimore children, the growing legion of elderly Americans who work menial jobs in the warehouses of the world’s largest online retailer, the myriad costs of neglecting to care for the mentally ill, and the injustices that plague America’s Indian reservations. Their work was published in The Nation, Harper’s, The Washington Post, Pro-Publica and PBS Frontline, The Baltimore Sun, USA Today and The Buffalo News.

James Aronson was a longtime Hunter College professor and before that a founder and editor of the crusading news weekly, The National Guardian. Since 1990, the Aronson Awards have been coordinated by the Hunter College Department of Film & Media Studies and a committee of journalists, media professionals, scholars and activists.


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