Floating Pool Lady reopens

Sherlyn Aldas

The Floating Lady Pool will be open through September 1.

When Oscar Pereyra heard that the hot summer day was expected to turn cloudy and rainy, he concluded that taking his daughter to the beach was a bad idea.

Instead, he decided on the Floating Pool Lady at Barretto Point Park as the best place to take her for a swim to beat the heat.

“This is safer than the beach,” said Pereyra, watching her dive into the pool. “Why go to the beach when there’s a pool nearby?”

The Olympic-size pool opened to the public during the last week in June, offering a respite for residents looking to escape the sweltering heat of summer. Teenagers cannonballed into the clear blue water while parents watched their children wade and play at the shallow end.

Geovanna Colon, a Simpson Street resident, has been a regular at the pool every year since it was brought up from Brooklyn in 2008. She said the Floating Pool Lady can’t be beat.

“It’s smaller than the other pools so there are less people,” said Colon. “Often with other pools, if it’s too crowded, the kids get too rowdy and crazy. It’s calmer here.”

To prevent overcrowding, the parks department that oversees the pool has set a 230-person capacity—a limit it often reaches before the day is over.

Many residents wake up early just to make sure they’re able to get in, said Colon. In the early mornings, however, swimming classes are offered for beginners, and the pool doesn’t open to the general public until 11.

Around noon, about 20 people waited on line outside the pool for a chance to get in. Miranda Castro, who said she had been waiting in the line for fifteen minutes, shrugged off the inconvenience.

“A swim in the pool is just what you need on a hot summer day,” she said.

The Floating Pool Lady is open daily from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., then reopens from 4 to 7 p.m. through September 1  .


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