Federal funding proposed for community gardens

A new push to federally fund community gardens has a South Bronx backer in Washington.

Rep. José E. Serrano announced in March that he and other Congressional Democrats have proposed the Community Gardening and Nutrition Act of 2014. The bill calls for volunteers from the AmeriCorps Program to work with residents to create new gardens and support and expand existing ones in both urban and rural areas with high poverty rates. .  

Resident involvement in creating the spaces and growing healthy food would be key.

“Community gardens are an important educational and nutritional resource in the Bronx and other urban centers across the nation,” said Serrano, adding that they are “ hugely popular among neighborhood residents.”

“Across the country, they give communities a place to grow food, to get access to healthy fruits and vegetables, to learn, to connect with nature and with one another, and to get away from urban life.

“I believe this is the sort of community building that the federal government should be in the business of supporting,” added Serrano. “The benefits are so many, and the cost is so little.”

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