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School’s families celebrate together

Joel Aybar

Children served themselves a feast.

PAL Thanksgiving is a feast to remember

Thanksgiving came early at PS 48.

Friends and family of the students who participate in the PAL’s afer-school program at the school enjoyed a holiday meal together on Nov. 22.

The food, donated by parents and employees, added Hispanic dishes to the traditional Thanksgiving fare. [CY1]    The dishes included rice prepared in all kids of ways: Moro (rice with black peas); Locrio (rice with corn), and plain white rice. Fried Chicken, pernil (pork shoulder), sweet potato, and corn bread were also on hand..

Fourth-grader Ivelis Tejeda described the meal as “yummy and delicious.”

“We try to take into consideration of blending cultures in everything we do here,” said recreational specialist Kiahg Gibron. “We do that for everything from music selection to food selection.”

When everyone had eaten, the students  had a surprise for their parents–a dance they had practiced for two months.

To hip-hop music, the performers showed off  flips, turns and even a split from one of the kids., who earned a big round of applause from the other students as well as the parents.

“It’s been fun practicing for all these months. It’s hard work but we get help from our teachers,” said fourth-grader Kayla Rosado. “People always ask me ‘Oh my god how do you remember all those steps?’ and I just tell them it’s hard work.”

After the dance everybody went back for second and even third helpings.

But the festivities were not over.

A pie eating contest was the grand finale, pitting two staff members and two parents against one another to see who could eat the most pie in one minute.

Last year’s winner, PAL teacher Rafael Liranzo, got a “mystery pie” to make it toughter to defend his title. . Nevertheless, he wa again crowned champion.

His first words after being announced as the victor were, “That pie was nasty.”

It was later revealed that his pie was covered with beet sauce.

“Last year when I won the pie was made out of sweet potato. I love sweet potato,” said Liranzo “This year they did some nasty stuff with my pie.”

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