Serrano opposes Syria strike

The United States should not take military action against Syria, Rep. Jose E. Serrano, who represents Hunts Point and Longwood in the U.S. House of Representatives, declared this week.

“I cannot vote in favor of war,” he announced on Sept. 5, going on record as one of five members of the New York delegation in the House to take a stand.

He joined Nydia Velazquez and Charles Rangel in opposition to President Barack Obama’s call to punish Syria for using poison gas in the civil war that has torn that nation.

Eliot Engel and Republican Michael Grimm have come out in favor of a strike against Syria, along with Sen. Charles Schumer. The other seven New Yorkers in the House are on the fence, as is Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

While Serrano called the use of chemical weapons and the targeting of civilians “reprehensible,” he said he had “grave doubts about the wisdom of involving our nation in another war in the Middle East.”

He warned of “setting off a chain of events which leads to American soldiers fighting and dying,” and concluded, “The world must show its outrage, not just America.”


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