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Local group to promote recycling

Sustainable South Bronx has received a $200,000 grant to create a program to boost recycling in apartment buildings in the area.

The environmental non-profit on Lafayette Avenue is looking to help turn things around in the neighborhood, which rates dead last in recycling in the city. The group will work closely with another South Bronx non-profit, the Highbridge Community Development Corporation, which manages the Southwest Bronx buildings the pilot project will be centered in.

“Residents of the South Bronx who live in large apartment buildings face numerous obstacles that make it difficult to recycle on a regular basis,” said Sustainable South Bronx’s executive director, Michael Brotchner, adding his group “aims to produce concrete findings on how recycling can best be promoted in the South Bronx.”

The project “will help us kick-start recycling in a set of buildings that is representative of buildings throughout the community,” Brotchner said.

The grant was provided by Ekocycle, a collaborative venture launched by celebrity recording artist and the Coca-Cola company. The company promotes the use of recycled materials in the production of clothing and other items.

“By teaming up with Sustainable South Bronx and Highbridge area residents, Ekocycle’s mission is to help kick off this pilot recycling program and encourage residents to do their part to contribute to a more sustainable city,” said

The initiative is slated to begin on May 20.

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