Street festival sweeps Hunts Point

Nabil Rahman

Performers from the South Bronx Culture Trail danced to traditional music under cloudy skies at Bill Raney Park in Longwood on Oct. 6.

PASEO, A cultural extravaganza swept the streets of Hunts Point and Longwood on a cloud-covered Oct. 6 afternoon.

A cast of nearly 100 performers danced and sang Puerto Rican mambo, plena and bomba traditional songs while community members played street games common to the neighborhood in the mid-twentieth century, such as skelsies, double dutch, and stickball.

Paseo, which in Spanish means a leisurely stroll, was the product of a long collaboration between Hunts Point’s Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education with the arts group Dancing in the Street, and is the latest in the South Bronx Culture Trail series launched in the summer.


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