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New bus route eyed for Hunts Point

Photo courtesy of the New York City Transit Authority

A new bus route, in red, would shuttle riders between the Prospect Ave. train stop and Barretto Point Park.

Line would connect 2/5 stop to Barretto Point Park

A new bus route that would connect the Hunts Point peninsula to the Longwood side of the Bruckner Expressway could begin transporting passengers by the summer of next year.

Officials from the city’s Transit Authority told members of Community Board 2 on Sept. 13 that initial plans call for a bus that would run between the 2/5 Prospect Ave. train stop and Barretto Point Park, along Longwood Ave. and Tiffany St. 

“This is exactly what Hunts Point needs,” said Edward Taylor, owner of Down East Seafood in Hunts Point, which employs 60 workers. Taylor said he often drives to the subway stops on the Longwood side of the Bruckner Expressway to pick up employees and bring them to the job.

Others agreed Hunts Point badly needs a bus line to complement the slow-moving Bx6, which wends its way along 155th St. in Manhattan and 161st St. in Melrose, through suffocating city traffic, before finishing its route on Halleck St. near the Hunts Point food markets.

“By the time it gets to the loop, everyone is exhausted and the drivers are nasty,” said Josephine Infante, director of the Hunts Point Economic Development Corp., adding a new bus could help boost employment on the peninsula.

A new line would also provide residents access to the waterfront, she added, and suggested the new route include stops on Garrison Ave.

“You have a community there that needs to get to Barretto Point Park,” she said.

Others said the proposed route would be a boon for young people.

“Kids will have a safe passage” across the treacherous Bruckner Expressway and its dangerous traffic, said board member Robert Crespo.

Transit Authority officials pointed out that 66% of local workers use public transit, compared with 55% citywide. Establishing a new route is preferable to extending the Bx6 line, they added, because further demands could slow that notoriously unreliable bus even more.

A public meeting will take place some time in the coming weeks, but has not yet been scheduled.

Riders can also submit their ideas and suggestions by emailing until the end of the month.

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