Amy Goodman in recognition of a distinguished career, employing multiple media platforms most recently a newspaper column– to bring a clear social justice vision to reporting and investigating the news.

Julia Whitty of Mother Jones for “The Fate of the Ocean,” a 28-page cover package exposing the grave environmental dangers facing the seven-tenths of the planet covered by the world’s oceans.

Corine Hegland of the National Journal for “Guantanamo’s Grip,” an investigative report mining the government’s own records to reveal that most of the men weren’t known terrorists, weren’t captured on the battlefield, and weren’t even accused of fighting the United States.

Judy Pasternak of the Los Angeles Times for “Blighted Homeland,” a four-part series, bringing into shocking clarity the plight of the Navajo of Utah, Native American victims of the Cold War, whose lands were exploited to build the US nuclear arsenal then largelyabandoned, ravaged and lethally radioactive.

Reporter Tim Collie and photographers Mike Stocker and Jim Amon of the South Florida-Sentinel for “Orphans of AIDS,” a four-part, richly illustrated series examining the plight and resiliency of people facing the AIDS crisis in South Florida and the Caribbean.

John Sherffius’ of the Boulder Daily Camera for Cartooning with a Conscience deft, painterly graphics sharpened by mordant irony.