Date Name Subject Newspaper
1997 Bob Herbert police brutality The New York Times
1997 Karl Grossman The New York Times
1997 Marc Kaufman & Dan Stens Philadelphia Board of City Trusts Philadelphia Inquirer
1997 Eyal Press, Jennifer Washburn, Benn Terrall, & Amy Goodman US-Indonesia Society & Suharto The Progressive
1996 Charles M. Sennott “Armed for Profit: The Selling of US Weapons” Boston Globe
1996 Gary Webb “Dark Alliance” San Jose Mercury News
1996 Greg Davis Maine’s DeCoster Egg Farm San Jose Mercury News
1995 Barry Bearak “The Waning Power of Workers” The Los Angeles Times
1995 Nancy Stancill “Paid in Pain” Charlotte Observer
1995 Joan Oakes The New York Times
1995 Allen Nairne Haiti The Nation
1994 Tony Horwitz “9 to Nowhere: The Grim Side of ’90s Growth Jobs” Wall Street Journal
1994 Mike Hudson “Robbin’ the Hood: How Wall Street Takes from the Poor and Gives to the Rich” Mother Jones
1993 Eileen Welsome “The Plutonium Experiment” Albuquerque Tribune
1993 Paul Salopek “La Migra: The Border’s Wall of Silence” Texas Observer
1993 New Orleans Times-Picayune “The Myth of Race”
1992 Mike Davis “L.A. Burning All Illusions” The Nation
1992 Celia Dugger foster care, welfare and people in poverty The New York Times
1992 Robert Weissman “The Corporate Rap Sheet” Multinational Monitor
1991 Gloria Emerson “Gaza: A Year in the Intifada: A Personal Account from an Occupied Land.”
1991 Ellen Ray, William Shaap press assumptions and practices Lies of Our Times
1991 Peter Sussman Lompoc Federal Penitentiary The San Francisco Chronicle
1990 Kathy Kadane CIA’s role in Indonesia State News Service, The Washington Post
1990 Lawrence Wechsler, Alan Nairn, Peter Kornbluh, William Finnegan “Talk of the Town” pieces on Central America New Yorker