Curt Guyette, Keynote Speaker, ACLU Investigative Reporter
For original reporting and collaboration with community groups on the poisoning of Flint residents by lead-contaminated water, a crisis created by Michigan’s emergency management system.


Raquel Rutledge, Gasping for Action, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
Uncovering how workers who roast and grind coffee are exposed to the lung-destroying chemical diacetyl, which is also used in the $1.5 billion e-cigarette business.

Esther Kaplan, The Spy Who Fired Me, The Human Cost of Workplace Monitoring, Harpers
Exposing how in industry after industry, data collection is part of an expensive, high-tech effort to squeeze every last drop of productivity from workers.

Beth Schwartzapfel, Life Without Parole, The Marshall Project
A series of articles taking us into the secret world of parole boards, revealing how politically appointed board members make decisions without transparency or accountability.

Jon Swaine, Oliver Laughland, Jamiles Lartey and Ciara McCarthy, The Counted,
The Guardian US
This interactive database is the most thorough public accounting of the deathly use of force by US police enforcement, now used by the Dept of Justice.

Kevin Sawyer, Award for Exemplary Community Journalism, San Quentin News
From inside the prison walls of San Quentin, Sawyer serves to inform the incarcerated, tell their stories, and highlight social justice issues.

Khalil Bendib, OtherWords, Grambs Aronson Cartooning with a Conscience Award
With profound wit, Bendib’s pen-and-ink cartoons comment on racial injustice, labor and class struggles, and the scapegoating of Muslims and Arabs.

Undergraduate Award for Journalism
Ajhani Ayres, Watching The Block: Three women look back – and ahead on Kelly Street,
Hunts Point Express
Through the lens of one family over four decades on Kelly Street in the Bronx, Ayres makes the case that what makes neighborhoods strong is the commitment of its residents.

IMA MFA Graduate Student Awards
Melissa Saucedo Gonzalez, BEFORE DAVID, Documentary short
Gonzalez uncovers a mental heath issue rarely spoken about — prenatal depression, and the difficulties experienced when confronting changes in one’s body, lifestyle, identity and belief systems.

Samantha Farinella, HUNTING IN WARTIME, Documentary feature
Tlingit Vietnam War veterans from Hoonah, Alaska, talk about surviving trauma, relating to Vietnamese civilians, readjusting to civilian life, and serving a government that systematically oppresses native people.