William Greider, The Nation, for reporting on the “ regulatory takings ” movement, which threatens environmental regulations by claiming that they impair profit-making.

Dolores Barclay, Todd Lewan and Allen G. Breed, of the Associated Press for “Torn From the Land,” an impressively researched series that brought into vivid, contemporary news stories a long history of African-Americans’ whispered accounts of the loss of the “home place” through threats and legal chicanery.

Robert Sherrill, a Lifetime Achievement Award to a journalist who for years has expressed a ” burning rage at injustice ” through clear eyes, a comprehensive intelligence and razor sharp prose.

Dan Perkins, a.k.a. Tom Tomorrow , “Cartooning with a Conscience” by “the best political cartoonist no one ever heard of.” Working in a sly, post-modern vein, Tomorrow playfully manipulates stock figures to satirize American gullibility, materialism and political absurdity.

Edward Sorel, a Lifetime Achievement Award for a pen-and-ink style that has won him acclaim as a contributor to the tradition of draftsmanship marked by Daumier and Goya.