Paul Krugman, for political commentary The New York Times & The Nation that bring issues formerly buried in the business pages to life on the op-ed page.

Jake Bernstein & Dave Mann for “The Rise of the Machine” in The Texas Observer. They showed a Texas political group and political action committee created in part by House majority leader Tom DeLay funneled corporate money to help elect a specific slate of state candidates in the 2002 elections.

John Donnelly, Colin Nickerson, David Filipov and Raja Mishra for “Lives Lost” in The Boston Globe, a series that put human faces on grim World Health Organization statistics showing that 24,000 people die needlessly each day from preventable diseases, infections and childbirth complications.

David Barstow & Lowell Bergman for “Dangerous Business” & “When Workers Die” in The New York Times, in which they documented dangerous conditions at companies that scorn safety regulations in pursuit of profit, leaving thousands of workers toiling in deplorable conditions, thousands of others injured and many dying horrible deaths.

Mohammed Bazzi for In-Depth Coverage of the Iraq Warin Newsday, where his dispatches brought rare depth to coverage of the Iraq War.

Mark Fiore for pioneering and advancing development of Animated Political Cartooning on the World Wide Web.